Several style between your episode brands try apparent within this seasons

Several style between your episode brands try apparent within this seasons

“PDA” sixteen 116 Learn Shake tries to look for his forgotten PDA, and you may looks like accusing Romulox, a tar monster that has also an effective pretentious yuppie, off taking it.

“Mail-order Bride-to-be” 17 117 Since a xmas expose for themselves, Grasp Shake and you will Carl split the cost of a post-buy bride of Chechnya, who tresses by herself for the Carl’s household whenever she will get good view their unique the latest “husbands”.

Just after destroying both in an attempt to totally free all of them of the fresh serpent, Frylock goes off of the deep stop and you will degenerates toward a lifetime of crime and you can low priced, meaningless sex

“Cybernetic Ghost out of Christmas time Earlier in the day In the Coming” 18 118 Carl is harassed by a robotic Ghost regarding Christmas Previous, just who turns up in the exact middle of March, upcoming continues so you can complete Carl’s pond and you can plumbing system which have blood and you will ramble throughout the a prehistoric “Santa Ape” and you will elves of Mars.

As an example the first half of every feel the phrase “super” in their brands (“Very Pan”, “Extremely Birthday celebration Snake”, “Super Trivia”, an such like.) while after symptoms all of the feel the term “the” (“New Dressing”, “The past That”, “THE”, etc.) Together with, during the “Heart Travels Creation Wedding”, Meatwad indirectly sources about three Hurry songs (“Fly-by-night”, “The brand new Heart of Radio”, and you can “Tom Sawyer”) because of the vocal a column on the tune otherwise imitating brand new instrument beat.

“Awesome Birthday Serpent” 19 202 Meatwad wishes a rabbit, but Move gets your a serpent as an alternative which looks like dinner all of them one another. Carl appear a day later questioning what all looks try past, and you may Frylock kills him as well. Shake, Meatwad, and Carl after come back since zombies whenever Frylock tries to burn our home off. Everything happens to be an online simulator, produced by Frylock so you’re able to demonstrate why Meatwad is not greet to possess a pet…which often are an online simulator developed by Meatwad to demonstrate that Frylock will not understand him in addition to he thinks.

“Awesome Champion” 20 204 Shake wishes to feel an excellent superhero, and you may immediately following his advertising plans falter, the guy get several vats out of radioactive liquids so you’re able to splash on himself and you may get superpowers. Rather than to be “The fresh Drizzle,” he easily begins melting and you can deforming while the radioactive materials initiate affecting your.

Former lead artist to your Misfits Glenn Danzig produces a visitor appearance since himself, to get Carl’s domestic having $step 1,000,000 just after Carl gets sick and tired of the newest haunting and you will actions

“Very Dish” 21 203 Meatwad victories a couple of tickets on Very Dish within the Detroit out-of a good corn potato chips promotion. An opponent develops ranging from Carl and you will Move into that are the one to help you praise Meatwad Croate femmes jolies. Fundamentally, Meatwad visits the brand new Very Bowl together with his buddy Boxy Brownish (a beneficial cardboard box adorned having a black colored afro), in order to comprehend the guy visited a farm rather than new Very Bowl. At the same time, Shake looks like which have disease and you may diabetic issues once dining numerous corn chips as a way to winnings a moment group of seats. (And this is, Super Pan XL occured within the Detroit with the )

“Super Desktop” twenty two 201 Frylock grows a spherical super pc/online game console he phone calls new OoGhiJ MIQtxxXA (Klingon to have “advanced galactic cleverness”), which is affect delivered back in time. It ends up in both hands of a great caveman, Oog, exactly who increases awesome-intelligence and you may longevity with the aid of the system. Oog ends up in the present years within Frylock’s door, requiring games with the pc.

“Very Model” 23 205 Grasp Move excursion so you’re able to Guatemala for plastic surgery due to the fact the guy can’t afford to have it carried out in the united states. Meatwad performs notice-games on the Move and you can convinces him for lots more procedures over, with devastating show.

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